Who can take the Course?

The Ontario Tree Marking Course is mandatory for all tree markers working on Crown land in Ontario. Several municipalities in Ontario also have By-Laws that require a woodlot be marked by a certified tree marker.

The course is also valuable if you:

  • Would like to become an independent tree marker;
  • Would like to increase your awareness of forest ecology;
  • Would like to know more about forest management practices used in Ontario

Before you take the course

While not mandatory, you should have the following skills and knowledge before attending a tree marking course:

Preparation for Level 1 Course:

  • Learn to able to identify Great Lakes-St Lawrence tree species
  • Learn to able to use a prism and calculate the average amount of an area covered by tree stems (basal area)
  • Have knowledge about of silviculture and forest ecology
  • Review the Ontario Silviculture Guide(s) and Tree Marking Guide
  • Obtain orienteering and sampling skills
  • Although it is not required, it is encouraged that you obtain skills through a diploma, other education in forestry, or on–the-job tree marking training.
  • Explore the free online tree marking modules here, or on the Learning Compass website

Preparation for Level 2 Course:

  • Complete Level 1 course successfully (mandatory)
  • Have 5 seasons of experience in operational tree marking
  • Learn skills in tree marking quality assurance

Preparation for Refresher Course:

  • Hold a Level 1 or 2 Certificate

Those with an interest in tree marking can participate in a local refresher course but will not receive a certificate.


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