Course Descriptions

Level 1 Course

This course is mandatory for all tree markers on Crown land in Ontario. Experience with forestry terminology, tools, species and silvicultural operations would be an asset. This course is a prerequisite for the Level 2 Auditor course. 

Time Commitment: 5 days

  • Class and field instructions – 4 days
  • Written and field exams – 1 day

Level 2 Course

This course is recommended for anyone who is auditing tree marking on Crown land in Ontario. Successful completion of this course will allow participants to function as tree marking auditors.

Time Commitment: 3 days

  • Class and field instructions – 2 days
  • Written and field exams – 1 day

Refresher Course

Refresher courses are mandatory every 5 years for certified tree markers to maintain active status. You may, however, take a refresher anytime prior to the 5-year expiry date.

Time Commitment: 1.5 days

  • Class and field instructions – 1 day
  • Written and field exams – 0.5 days

Field Audit

Upon gaining sufficient field experience, and within 2 years after a student has completed the Level 1 course examinations, a Field Evaluation Audit must be completed. Audits can either be done in the pine shelterwood system or tolerant hardwoods selection system, or both. Visit our Field Audit page for further information.

Time Commitment: Dependent on Auditor

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