Field Audit

Level 1 Field Audit Process

Upon gaining sufficient field experience, and within 2 years after a student has completed the Level 1 course examinations, a Field Evaluation Audit must be completed. Audits can either be done in the pine shelterwood system or tolerant hardwoods selection system, or both.

Level 1 Students Instructions:

The onus will be on the student to contact a Level 2 tree marking auditor to coordinate and conduct a field audit. You may request a list of eligible Level 2 tree marking auditors in your area from the CIF ( When selecting an auditor, please ensure there is no conflict of interest. In the event that you fail your first field evaluation audit, you may re-audit once. If you do not pass the second audit, you will need to retake the Level 1 exams.

Level 2 Auditor Instructions:

Level 1 students requiring their field audit are being advised to contact Level 2 auditors directly. Auditors may charge for auditing services. Please ensure you have received the appropriate maps, inventory data and prescription for the forest to be marked and ensure it is appropriate before agreeing to use this location for the audit.

When evaluating students, you may use the Tree Marking Tally Sheet. Students must achieve a minimum of 90% on the lower confidence Tree Marking Quality (TMQ) calculation to pass but this is also subject to the stand level infractions. A consistent error could also disqualify them. Once you have completed the audit, please prepare a summary letter. All documents should be forwarded to the CIF

For more information on Level 1 Audits, please view the ‘New Model for Level 1 Field Audit’.

Field Audit Resources

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